Wish Promo Code Hack, is it Really Possible?

Welcome to WishCouponCode guys, so our today’s topic is ‘wish promo code hack’. So let’s take a look at the background. Few days back I searched for Wish promo codes on Google and was really surprised! Google was showing all the spammy and shittiest sites on its frontpage. I’ve really no idea how their crawlers work. I don’t want to name those sites as this is none of my business but what I think is scamming people and wasting their time in really not a good idea.

So without wasting anymore time, let us see what is Wish promo code hack and is it really possible to get something free of cost from Wish app.

Okay so generally we see the term “hack” in  ways. First one is something with intention to steal some important data from systems etc and the other can be seen as tricks or tips, just as we often say daily life hacks.

(We’re gonna deal with second way) In this post I’m essentially gonna tell you some tricks that will help you in getting good discount on products that you order from Wish app. You can get them for free too!

promo code hack wish

#1. Start using referral program

For those who don’t know, Wish gives $2 whenever your referred friend orders something from Wish app. When you open the app, on the left sidebar, there is an option of ‘refer & earn’.

You just have to share it with your friends and ask them to order something. When they do that, you earn $2 and you can earn upto $20 in every single month. More friends=more money. Want more details, then check this post.

#2. This Birthday Hack still works!

It’s simple. You change your birth date to today’s or current date. Then you apply the promo code given here and bam! You get a discount instantly.

#3. Keep a Close Eye on this post

Since lots of users are looking for wish promo code for existing users 2019, we have made a post on that and it’s one of the most active thread on our website. Keep a close eye on it and don’t forget to bookmark that page.

#4. A Chrome extension, is it a good idea?

There’s one Google Chrome extension called ‘honey’ that automatically applies coupons when visit any online shopping store, wish in our case. But I have no idea if it works on mobiles or not. So if you use desktop then you might want to give it a try.

Final Words

Don’t get fooled by scam sites that offer so called “100% working or even 110% working (LOL) wish promo code hack”. Thanks for visiting WishCouponCode! Lots of love. Keep loving us the same way!

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