80% Off Wish Promo Code for Existing Customers July 2020

Are you a crazy shopaholic with serious budget constraints? Then Wish.com will prove to be your ultimate destination. And the best part is that you can shop anything and everything from this well-sorted site. These days, many people are looking for coupon codes that can work on existing accounts but not much information is available on Google regarding the same. So we thought to make a list of working promo codes of July 2020 that work for old (existing) wish users.

Wish.com is the all in one destination for all your needs. With their main office in San Francisco in California, Wish started its journey back in 2011. It was the vision and hard work of two graduates of Waterloo University, Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang that Wish.com came live. As of today, it is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms across the world.

Wish is the home to latest fashion, electronic gadgets, accessories and several other things. No matter what your requirement is, you will easily get it on Wish.com. All you need to do is to really desire for something as Wish.com is here to make your dreams come true.

But what is the exclusive thing about shopping with Wish.com? Well, they have the products from reliable brands in their stock and the platform is very easy to use. Just a few clicks on your computer or mobile screen and you will easily be able to get what you need. But what attracts people most is the variety of offers and discounts that Wish.com offers to the customers. Apart from having a humongous variety of products, the prices are really low too. Plus, they provide special discounts on every purchase that you make. Thus, you get the product of your own choice in much cheaper price.

wish existing user promo code

Furthermore, Wish.com gives out special offers and giveaways for new as well as existing customers. You can always look out for these to get benefited. For Wish, their customers come first. That is why; they always provide their old customers with fastest and assured delivery option. And if you are not happy with the service of Wish then you will always have the option of returning or exchanging your product without much hassle.
To make the shopping experience smoother, Wish.com has also launched its very own app that promises a hassle-free experience.

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We live in a digital world and with the plethora of e-commerce websites rising every day, it can really be a problem to choose an ideal platform for all your needs. Existing / old Wish customers can use promo codes given here to claim instant discount on their shopping.

Wish Promo Code For Existing Customers July 2020

50% Off on All Products!

Use code TOKEN to avail flat 50% discount on your favorite products.
On Going Offer

10% Off Promo Code for Wish

Apply promo code for wish given above to reveal your 10% instant discount.
On Going Offer

Minimum 15% Off for Returning Wish Users

Use above coupon to get minimum 15% discount on your next order.
On Going Offer

Get 50% Off Up To $100 (Existing Customers)

Code can be used 2 times and it is valid for new as well as old wish customers. Valid Aug 8 - 25. Max discount $100 per order. Coupon can be redeemed twice.
On Going Offer

5% Off up to $100 Coupon

Get 5% discount upto $100 on your order with this latest wish coupon code.
On Going Offer

Trick to Get 10% Off (Working for Old Users)

Today we are up with another great news! We have shared a new trick that will fetch you 10% discount. It can be used only once in old wish account. Moreover, the same can be applied at Wish desktop site.
On Going Offer

Get Up To 50% Off This January

Use promo code 'START19' at checkout to unlock 50% discount on your entire cart value! Hurry, offer ends on 25 January 2020.
On Going Offer

5% Off Exclusive Promo Code for All Wish Users

Unlock 5% discount by using PROMO2020 promo code. Max discount is capped at $100.
On Going Offer

Get 50% Off Without a Promo Code!

Wish Chop The Price feature will give you flat 50% discount on any product of your choice and that too without entering any code. How's that possible? Want to know? Then simply visit our post to review all the details.
No Code Needed
On Going Offer

Up To $5 Off for Existing Customers of Wish.com

We are back again with another working promotional code. Before publishing it, we have tested it on our account and when we did that, we got $3.5 discount on $25 worth order. So use it on your account and see the magic! Don't forget to comment back if this code worked for you.
On Going Offer

10% Off Free Shipping Code for Existing Wish Customers

Get 10% discount using this wish promo code for existing customers free shipping. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more awesome codes.
On Going Offer

5% Off Upto $50 for Existing Customers of Wish

Apply promo code "CUSTOMER" in either Wish app or desktop site to unlock flat 5% discount on your order. This promo code is applicable for all wish users.
On Going Offer

5-10% Discount for Returning Wish Users

SEPT9 is the new promo code you were looking for. Redeem this code today on your app or wish website to get the instant discount.
On Going Offer

10% Off for Old Wish Users (Account Specific)

Get ready to save $$ this Fall Sale! Simply apply promo code GTYU9 at checkout page to avail upto $50 discount on existing orders.
On Going Offer

20% Off for Existing Customers (New Code)

This wish code will give 20% discount to existing customers. Expiry date is unknown so use it as soon as possible.
On Going Offer

Checkout today’s updated wish promo codes that are valid for existing customers exclusively on wishcouponcode. Also get a chance of free shipping with below coupons.

Apply This Promo Code & Save up to 20% on Your Order

Signup on Wish app and then redeem the above code to get upto 50% discount on your order. It is account specific so try it out on yours.
On Going Offer

$20 Bonus for All Wish Users

Here's the great deal for all wish users. Just invite your friends and earn $2 whenever they make an order. You can earn upto $20 and this bonus can be utilized for getting instant discount on shopping.
No Code Required
On Going Offer

Updated Wish Code for Existing Customers

Here's updated and working wish coupon which is valid for all users. Try it today and save 10% on your order.
On Going Offer

10% Discount on All Orders

Do you need working wish promo code for existing user? Then use coupon given above to get instant 10% off on your order.
On Going Offer

getready : This code can give you 10% off on your order and needless to say, both new & existing wish users can redeem it before validity. This is a Christmas exclusive offer from wish.

Save 10% with Today's Updated Code

Here comes another wish coupon code for old users. You know, Wish rarely publish promotional offers for existing customers and here's that gem you were searching for long time!
On Going Offer

Finally we are here with wish coupon which is exclusively available for existing customers. It’s kinda hard task to find out such promotions but we did it for you and we will continue to do it as long as you all are with us.

To get your coupon code, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. Type text WISH and send it to 89293.
  3. Wait a minute for coupon to arrive.

After getting the promo code, head over to wish android app and start shopping your favorite items. Apply the code that you received in step 3 to get 10% off on entire order.

wish existing user coupon code

kfdybml : On applying this code, you will earn at least 40% discount. Lucky ones will even get upto 50% saving on their order. So stop wondering and start using the coupon now!

kfdsbmd : This is an existing user wish promo code which can be used for getting 45% discount on purchases made via wish mobile app. Validity of this voucher is unknown at this moment.

Unlock 50% Off Coupon

  1. Open wish app and swipe left sidebar.
  2. Click on ‘daily login bonus’.wish daily login bonus code
  3. Now open wish app for 7 consecutive days.
  4. On the last day, you will get 50% discount code.
  5. Offer is valid for existing wish customers.

More Offers Coming Soon…

Benefits of using Wish.com Promo Code for Existing Customers

  • The platform is very easy to use. No matter if you are using the Wish app or the website, you will never face any trouble using it. Even if you are visiting Wish for the very first time, you will easily be able to find and order whatever you want.
  • Wish.com offers all the products at an extremely cheap rate. The prices are so low that the buyers often double checks for hidden costs. But trust us, all the products are listed at a very low price and thus, one can surely buy a lot from this site. In addition, users can save lots of dollars after using promotional codes displayed here. Both new & existing consumers are eligible to redeem our coupons.
  • Whenever you will log into Wish.com or their android app, you might notice that some products are listed as free. Well, no need to pinch yourself to check if you are dreaming because Wish.com frequently offers some products for free. So if you like the product and it is free then what more do you need? Just grab it. Today’s Wish promo code are valid for existing customers and they are redeemable only on latest version of wish-shopping made fun android app.
  • Wish.com is the home to a wide variety of products. Yes, it is an all-in-one destination. From the trendy clothing, accessories to electronic gadgets, products for home decor and much more, you will be able to find everything you can crave for on Wish.com. It is your all-in-one stoppage for all your requirements.
  • Fastest and secured delivery is something that Wish assures you about. All you need to do is to just order the product you like and it will be delivered to your doorstep in almost no time.  There are some special promo codes which gives free shipping on eligible orders. We have made a separate post for that just for you. Would you like to see that? Then just move to this page and enjoy our today’s wish existing user coupon codes for shipping.
  • From Brazil to Russia to the United States to far corners of the world, irrespective of where you are from, Wish will deliver the product of your choice to your doorstep without any hassle.
  • Don’t you need an excellent customer support to sort all your problems related to order? Well, great customer support is another thing that Wish offers.
  • Last but not the least, appealing discounts, promo code for existing customers, mind-blowing offers and special giveaways; you will be able to avail it all while shopping with Wish.com.

So folks, isn’t Wish.com or wish mobile app the holy destination for all the shoppers? Then waiting for what? Quickly visit the site or the app and shop your favourite products by applying today’s Wish existing user promo code given here.

55 Responses

  1. Jamie says:

    Hnsrvnl first time promo code

  2. Casey says:


  3. Yas Jam says:

    hcxpjxk / first timer.

    Can anyone explain where is that bar of daily bonus is in the app?

    • Anoymous says:

      i would also like to know that information too!
      It does not show up on my phone or my laptop and I been using wish for years?

      • Melissa says:

        **DAILY BONUS LOCATION** in the Wish app.
        For those that said they couldnt find it… It should be in the upper left corner of the app, where the drop down menu is located. In the menu, about mid-way down, just below “reward points” is “daily login bonus”. Also, every day you visit the app, the daily bonus will pop up as soon as you login, once a day. Hope that helps.

        • Rachael Wooldridge says:

          Can you help me? Every day I’ve logged in to get that bonus and every day I’m supposed to get that bonus it never shows up. The Wish customer support is of no help. Is there a certain time frame that you have to claim the bonus? Like a short 15 minute window or something?
          I’ve also tried MANY dozens of codes (even the texting code) and none of them have worked at all. Amy help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Gail says:

      I have used 4 different devices, which ever is convenient for me at a given time. The daily log in bonus is only on my phones. It is not on my computer or my tablet. If you use a phone on the 7th day you get your bonus to use. I have never got 50% off, highest so far was 15%.

  4. Ashley says:

    hbmlqjq up to 50% off first time

  5. Annie says:

    Hello, code for 80%discount if there is anyway that you can help assist me with a code for discount on shipping and products. THANK YOU NEED TO UPDATE PROME DATES THEY EXPIRED 12-27-2017 THEREFORE THE CODES NO LONGER WORK. ALREADY TRIED THEM.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Annie for taking interest. We are in a process of updating promo codes and you should see the updated list by 5th April 2018.

  6. Trudy says:

    Could someone please help me find a free shipping code for March? I am exhausted from looking!!!!! Thank you!

  7. Michele says:

    Could you please tell me where the daily login bonus? I am an existing customer and can’t even find valid existing customer promo codes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  8. Gail says:

    I have spent a week searching for a working Wish promo code, they either work in mobile app only, which I have 3 different mobile app devices, I set up a new account in my brothers name on a new device, and still no luck, some say I did, but then did not apply in the checkout price, almost all of them that did somewhat work, gave me a $20 max discount. I am very aggravated. I have my daughter graduated fro grad college soon, and the more I wait the stuff would not be here on time. And giving my body situation, sadly, it will be probably the last time I will get to see my 2 daughters, given several things wrong with me, but I need the long light weight dresses and baggies pants to cover my elephant legs and feet, from the congested heart failure I have. I do not want to go to graduation in sweat pants. Do you have any suggestions for Wish ?

  9. Mcsteamgirl says:

    lrmgnhw Up to 50% off for first time users

  10. Victor says:

    Ok i had my heart set on some refurbished beats…so i followed the daily login bonus everyday for 6 days. It said if I reached it by April 10..I’d get 50% off. On the 7th day, March 23, when I logged it…it reset!!! It said if I reached 7 stamps by April 20!! I went to rewards..nothing, I went to the dashboard..nothing!! Where’s my coupon !!!

    • Abbie Crowley says:

      Same thing happened to me 😶 very frustrating and I have 38 items I was going to buy. Was being the operative word.

    • Gail says:

      On the 7th day, look closer at the stamp page you get your daily bonus on. It is up to 50%. When you get to the 7th day, I had the same issue, nothing was applied. Then I found it, after several orders, it is in your notifications, it has the % & code there, along with deals for that day & past days if you did not delete them. The highest I have gotten is 15%. Good Luck

  11. Kay says:

    **Working Codes**
    [March, April, May & on through year – 2018]

    New Customers/First Purchase
    ☆Up to 50% off

    “WISH” code; ljdvrnr

    “GEEK” code; lthrnmb

    Hope this helps some people save 😊🌹
    《Happy Shopping》

  12. Sierra says:

    For first time users ltbcmsg

  13. Christina says:

    50% code for new users:


  14. Verónica says:

    ktvnkhp for 50% off for first time users

  15. haydz says:

    how about the existing costumer ? any promo code

  16. Carey says:

    I definitely don’t have the “daily rewards bonus” in my drop down under “reward points” is “get 50% off” and its just not anywhere there or anywhere else on my app. I wish I knew why!?
    I am an apple user, maybe that could be it?

  17. Jayde Schoolcraft says:

    hcqbrsp 50% off of first order

  18. Jojo says:

    kyxmvrc 50% Off first Purchase

  19. kaydine patterson says:

    I am using my wish for the first time and I try using code and it keep saying my device was use before

  20. Christina says:

    Just a tip regarding items either not received, wrong item from the purchased one, ANY sort of discrepancy… Get a hold of customer service. Do NOT CALL. Instead, under the item in question click “Contact Support”. I have had various issues and have been refunded EVERY SINGLE TIME.
    To mail anything back to them, in CHINA, costs about $50 minimum… They are more than happy to help.
    For instance, I was to receive a package in a Sunday and obviously we can’t. So I contacted them Saturday, I was refunded every penny 2 days later. No question. Plus when it does arrive you are allowed to keep the item AND the refunded amount. Now, don’t go taking advantage of them because if this. I did it because the item has already been in the mail for 60 days, was a gift and was kinda pricey for Wish. I did not ever receive the package either.
    But receive an item is NOT the fault of Wish. It is the original seller. The ones who own the store simply gets the item packaged and mailed for them. Most all are not hands on.

    I only buy with a discount or promo code. Recently, I was given free shipping on everything with an order over $25 and a flat fee of $5 under that amount. The only kicker was almost All the stores had included the shipping in the price of the item. Still found some GREAT deals too!!

    Give ’em a break, they have a job to do and if your don’t like their items, prices, service, or whatever… Then move on. Trust me, there seem be 3 more signing up when you decide to forever log out…

    An no, I am not an employee. I’m a disabled homemaker who likes to find a good deal and also to give credit where credit is do…

    • Da Truth Reviewer says:

      Dude you said it all. Seriously.
      Im just like you- I make lists, meticulously look at each item i consider buying, do my research, and ALWAYS use discounts, any discount I can get.

      And yeah, I got some stuff that never arrived. Was I annoyed? Sure. Mad? HECK NO! THIS AIN’T NORDSTROM, PEOPLE!!! And if you simply ASK SUPPORT via the app, they will go 110% to help you out. The support are always nice and easy to talk to.

      Some of you are pretty dumb. You blame Wish for everything. You pay a ridiculous price for an item that, had you did any research, wasn’t worth the money. You guys think you are getting name brand make up for 1 dollar. THen when you get your dollar MAC eyeshadow you lose your sh** because its fake. I mean, come on!

      You gotta KNOW what you are getting into! Spot the good deals- trust me, theres stuff that is useful and awesome and worth the five bucks you paid for it. But don’t expect miracles. I repeat: ITS NOT NORDSTROM.

      Do it right, and you’ll find all sorts of awesome stuff, and you’ll get refunded if it doesn’t come. Look, China manufactures A LOT of stuff. I see this stuff being sold for over 3 times the price in the drugstore! With wish, you are buying from a vendor who is either the manufacturuer or buys direct from them. So some stuff is actually good quality, it just doesn’t have a “name brand” on it. That 20 dollar eyelash curler I saw last night in CVS? Saw it the night before for 3 bucks shipped. Same exact thing.

      Be smart guys! Oh and if you are seriously using Wish for a purchase and you got elephantitus and will die soon and you need your stuff… WHY IN GODS EARTH DID YOU PICK WISH TO PURCHASE STUFF? YOU NEED HELP. LIKE, HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES HELP.

      • Da Truth Reviewer says:

        BY THE WAY… The people giving out codes that are all random letters saying you get 50% off? They are lying because if you use their coupon, they get one.

        In reality, you get UP TO 20% off, with a max around 10 or 20 bucks. Shame on you people going around saying “Duhh here’s my code you will get 70% off!”. Karma is comin for you!

  21. Stephanie says:

    I am using my wish for the first time and I try using code and it keep saying my device was use before

  22. Lori Ann Davis says:

    Looking for ANY promo code that will work for existing customers. I’ve spent a fortune buying from WISH, they are phenomenal!
    As far as returns/refunds, I have been refunded fully for all return requests AND they let you keep the merchandise. I can resell or donate if I please. Great service!

  23. Lana Parker says:

    Any codes for 2nd buyers? Thank you

  24. Tanja says:

    lwzsqxc….. My 50% invite code after you buy I get 50% too.

  25. Coree says:

    Mother’s Day is coming and I can always use help buying stuff and things! Use my coupon code and get anywhere from 10%-50% off your first order! When you use my coupon code (it’s at the end of this here paragraph), I’ll get a coupon code too! It’s also my nieces birthday soon and it’ll be a huge help with the gifts if you use my code.

    Here’s the code:


    Thanks guys.

  26. Angela says:

    I’m an avid Wish.com user. If you use my promo code, you can get up to 50% off. Thanks guys 🙂

    50% promo code: mngnqgy

  27. Rosie says:

    Can someone tell me how to use a promo code for a discount since I’m already a member who has made multiple orders. I can. Not fine ONE valid code.

  28. Miriam says:

    Any codes for existing users?

  29. Stefanie Jørgensen says:

    LOOK HERE! EXCLUSIVE code: hkbdtzt for 50% of your first purchase 😀 HAPPY SHOPPING everybody!

  30. Sierra says:

    Use mdwhjsk for 50% off your first purchase. If you use this i will also get 50% off

  31. Sierra says:

    Does anyone know of any coupon codes for existing users? Im having trouble finding ones

  32. Natalie says:

    One code is:
    Use it for 50% off 🙂

  33. Jim says:

    Rogan worked 38 $ off

  34. Lima says:

    Any July 2018 promo codes for existing users?

    • admin says:

      At this moment we are not having existing user codes but we will be adding them very soon. By the way, we have made some post that will help you a lot in getting additional discount on your order.

  35. Brandy Washburn says:

    Free shipping if you spend 50 says it’s automatic but it’s not showing for me

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