Where are Wish App Shipping Centers Located?

Wish app is one of the popular shopping app which gets millions of visits every day because of its lucrative deals. You must have ordered some or the other thing on wish app but ever wondered how does your package travels right from the day of ordering? No? Then let’s dig a bit more…

Almost 90% of the products listed in Wish app originate from China and that’s why these items are so cheap. So when you order something from Wish, the seller in China gets notified and then the shipping process starts. As of now there are no known wish app shipping centers located in USA. If we had those centers, we would have received our goodies within a day or two!

But there are few items on Wish which have a badge that says ‘verified by wish’. Those products are tested for quality and usually have less shipping time. Wish may have a warehouse for such items and that’s the reason they ship those much faster than other products.

Hope you got the idea! Feel free to connect with us in case if you have any queries. Just comment your thoughts below and we will get in touch with you. Have a great day ahead!

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