Wish App Free Gift, Real or Scam? How to Get One?

I have been using Wish since long and they never disappointed me. By the way, you can’t expect more from them considering the price at which they’re offering you products. Wish app provides a free gift to every new customer but is it really true? Is it real or some sort of scam? We are going to discuss each and every aspect of this matter here…

First of all let me tell you, Wish free gift feature is real but it comes with some hidden terms & conditions. It is not like you are going to get that product for zero dollar; wish charges $1-$5 fees as a shipping cost. Means, although gift is free, you are still liable to pay some amount. I hope you got my point…

Get free gift from wish app

That’s okay, but how do I claim my free gift from wish app?

Before proceeding further, I want to make it very clear that wish.com desktop site doesn’t offer any gifts but the wish android/ios app does. Reason for this is obvious, people will create hundreds of accounts on desktop to get free products which is difficult to do in case of mobile apps.

How to Get Free Gift from Wish?

  1. Install wish app on your android / apple phone on which you never had installed this app in the past.
  2. Signup using email or you can use facebook for instant login.
  3. Select any category which you like from the given list.
  4. As soon as wish app opens, you will get one popup of free gift. It will be something like this : Thanks for signing up! Here is the token of our appreciation.
  5. Choose any one and click on ‘claim gift’ button.
  6. Checkout window will show you the shipping charges as per your country.
  7. Make payment and enjoy your so called ‘free’ gift.

Important Terms & Conditions

  1. Free gift option is open only for first time users of wish.
  2. Applicable in selected countries only.
  3. You get few minutes to choose gift and final checkout.
  4. If you exit the app or run out of time, you lose the gift.

I’m An Existing Wish User, Is There Any Way to Get A Free Gift?

Yes!! You are eligible to claim freebies, but how? This feature is recently launched and it is called ‘Wish First Look’. Want to know more about this offer? Then read this article

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  1. Rajesh Mahali says:

    Hello sir I see wish app all product have very lowest price. Can it’s true we purchase the 100000 material in only 65 rupees . Please explain me . If yes so it’s such a very nice app.
    Not only one product every product have minimum of 90, 92% Offer. Are they buyable or not please tell me.

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