Why is the Wish App So Cheap? Here Are Top 5 Reasons

There are plenty of online shopping sites like Amazon, Bestbuy, Jet, Walmart but none of them can offer deals like Wish app. Wish.com was founded in 2011 and now it has huge customer base of over 10 million people. There must be some reason for its massive success, right?

There are plenty of folks on internet who want to know if wish is real or scam and the question is pretty obvious considering the cheap prices being offered on wish shopping app. So finally we are going to reveal top 5 reasons why wish app is so cheap and how they do their business.

why wish.com is cheap?

#1. Wish.com Mostly Sells Chinese Products

There’s no need to tell that chinese products; though it be electronics, fashion or household stuffs are often sold for very cheap. There are many reasons behind this which includes but not limited to lower manufacturing cost, mass production, government policies and the list goes on…

So, wish simply orders stuffs to be sold from chinese market for $ and sells it here for $$. Now shoppers like us compare wish prices with Amazon and since there’s huge price difference, we feel that wish is very cheap but the reality is different.

#2. Shipping Charges

Wish offers a free gift to its first time buyers but the fact is ; they do not. They claim to give $5 worth product for free but at the checkout, you will find that final payable amount turns out to be something like $4-$5 as shipping charges. Got my point?

#3. Product Quality

Many people will not agree on this point but there ‘might be’ compromise is quality on products offered by wish website. This can be easily related with the affordability of wish items.

#4. Promotion Strategy

When startups are in beta phase, they have to work hard to attract eyes on their products and that’s where the advertising comes into picture. Wish, instead of advertising heavily, offers great discount on specific products / categories. So, this can be another reason why wish is so cheap.

I hope, now you got the clear-cut idea of how wish app works and what are the reasons behind its cheap products. Keep visiting wishcouponcode.com for latest deals & promo codes.

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  1. Divya says:

    Any payment related scandals happening for paying to wish as foreigner? I meant to ask that do they have secure payment systems?

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