Unsubscribing to Wish.com : These Are The 2 Working Methods

There’s some point of time when we knowingly, or in temptation to subscribe to a number of unwanted apps, that are at times quite irritating, and can get stubborn to unsubscribe.

If you think the same for the popular (or maybe not quite) e-commerce player, wish.com, we give you exactly how you can do that, and for y’all who’re worried of hundreds of emails that you’d want to get rid of, we’ll tell you how to.

Well, I never noticed, how I was a subscriber to wish myself, and I opened my spam, and found out hundreds of their emails and I checked out to see if there’s an option to unsubscribe from the website from the email itself, to which I found there was, and I jumped into doing that, but after you’ve done all that, what follows is some kind of error in submitting your request.

Some users are claiming that there is no submit button, while others say their account is invalidated at the portal, by dropping “Your email isn’t registered”, a kind of vicious circle, on how they could irritate people with hundreds of emails then. If you, really want to unsubscribe from the app, and possibly want to delete your account, pay a visit to wish.com itself.

Then :

  • Login using your account credentials, and visit settings page.
  • Click on delete account, to delete your account for peace.

If however, you don’t want to permanently delete your account, but only want an unsubscribing from emails, you can do the following.

  • Either spam the sender, so that all their mails are directed to your spam folder.
  • Else, block their account.

unsubscribe wish app


So no more troubling anymore !

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