Mining Simulator Codes Collection March 2020 : Earn Free 650 Coins

Nobody can deny the fact that Roblox is #1 app to discover thousands of cool & thrilling games. One such game is Mining Simulator which is gaining popularity day by day. In this game, you are a miner and you dig deep to find hidden gems, diamonds and precious stones. You have a backpack filled with essential things but you need to upgrade them so that you can dig even better.

Mining Simulator

Okay, this was the introduction… Now let us talk about some stats…

Roblox based Mining Simulator was first launched on 13th February 2019 and if you are an active gamer, you must have noticed that the back-end guys frequently update the game to eliminate the bugs. More than 10,000 players play this game daily which make it rank #1 in Roblox editor picks. According to Roblox, Mining Simulator receives whopping 7 Million monthly hits! Isn’t it awesome?

What are Mining Simulator Codes?

When you are playing Mining Simulator, you always see that sticky icons in left sidebar. There’s a little Twitter icon, pressing which allows you to redeem coupon code. But the thing is, why should you use these codes??

Okay, so the thing is, on redeeming the various coupons given here, you get either free coins, gems or diamonds. You might unlock other surprises too! So why not to try some of these given below?

Update : We have refreshed the list with Mining Simulator Mythical Skin Codes.

Here you go:

  1. crainer : free 10000 coins
  2. crainergamer : Gives rare hat.
  3. icecream / secret : get legendary egg instantly.
  4. rumble : gives you rare egg.
  5. rebirth : 1200 free coins.
  6. Catman : free 20 rebirth tokens.
  7. Hammiejammiesucksx2 : benefits same as above code.
  8. America : 80 rebirth tokens.
  9. Patrioticstars / Patriot : Free legendary egg with this redeem code.
  10. Coolwater : redeem it to get legendary egg instantly.
  11. Lemonaide : Enjoy a legendary crater.
  12. Vacation : a code to get free hat.
  13. dinosaur / trades : Use this code if you want free 5000 coins
  14. 100million : Avail legendary skin
  15. rebirths / gamer / secretegg : Get a legendary egg with this coupon.
  16. bonus / diggingdeep : This code gives you free hat crates.
  17. level : enjoy free skin by applying this code.
  18. defildplays2 / defieldplays : Free 1500 coins
  19. Quests : Free 2000 coins
  20. RumbleStudios : Free Rare Egg
  21. DABBIN / Candy / Dino : Earn 2000 coins
  22. icecream : Get 1 rare egg with this code
  23. Easter / Hats! / Morehats / Evenmorehats : 1 Free hat


Get Free 250 Coins Using Mining Simulator Code

Make sure to enter code as given above. First letter is in capital and others are in small. You will earn 250 coins free as a code bonus.
On Going Offer

Free Coins Code Working in 2019

Bonus coins will vary from person to person. Check if you're lucky or not by trying out this exclusive promo code. Working and tested for current year 2018.
On Going Offer

Get a Free Egg for Yourself to Generate the Pet

Apply above code to redeem a free egg in mining simulator but why do you need one? Because egg will give you a unique pet which has a power to boost your stamina which indeed increases your mining capacity.
On Going Offer

Yet Another Free Coins Promo Code for Mining Simulator

Use all letters in capital to get yourself free coins. Code is working fine and tested for March-April 2018.
On Going Offer

Grab 650 Coins Right Now!!!

Want to become a rich guy in mining simulator roblox game? Here's the chance to loot free 650 coins. Go ahead, redeem the coupon now!
On Going Offer

Here comes another bunch of Mining Simulator roblox codes:

  • Release : Are you short of coins? Not to worry when we’re here! Puch in this code to claim your 500 coins.
  • NewUpdate : Don’t know if it’s working now or not, but when I used it last time, I received 1000 free coins.
  • Diamonds : Okay, so this roblox code is for earning 1000 coins.
  • Gold : Earn 650 credits in Mining Simulator.

Let us know guys if these code worked for you or not. Also share codes which are not listed here to help your friends. Have a great day and yes, don’t forget to share this article!

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10 Responses

  1. Popcorn says:


    • Emma says:

      Roblox codes:

      – Baconhair- legendary egg
      – Comic- comic skin
      – Danger- coins
      – Skies- legendary egg
      – Patriot – legendary hat crate
      – Rebirth – 1,200 coins
      – Rare- rare crate
      – Isaac- 1000 coins
      – Easter- rare hat crate
      – Lotsofcoins- coins
      – Morehats- rare hat crate
      – Atlantis- rare hat crate
      – Bread- 10,000 coins

  2. nathan says:

    i love my hats this is the best game ever thank you for making this game

  3. codrut says:

    SecretCode for legendary hat crate

  4. Alexander says:

    Try Antlantis, it give you a Hat Crate

  5. Xander Zane says:

    (Most recent) Try Bread, it gives you coins.

  6. Anson says:


  7. Kiki do you love me says:

    Accessories is a new code

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