Kucoin Invitation / Referral Code 2020 : Sign Up Today & Get 20% Bonus

Although Bitcoin was launched almost 10 years ago, it didn’t get much attention till 2016. As soon as its price started touching the moon, people started investing in it. I bet most of them don’t even know how bitcoin works & what’s the logic behind cryptocurrency blockchain. You actually don’t need that for trading but having little more knowledge about something always comes in very handy. Right now there are multiple trading platform available such as Binance, Coindelta and Bittrex and they are doing really well. Few days back I heard that people are facing issues while withdrawing money from Bittrex wallet so I advice you to choose your trading platform wisely.

KuCoin Bonus Coupon Code

Anyways, today we are going to talk about Kucoin & its referral program in detail. KuCoin has recently launched Bitcoin exchange site where you can buy hundreds of altcoins by trading BTC’s. Just for curiosity I opened coinmarketcap and found that KuCoin has its own cryptocurrency and that stats are not bad at all! Recently I also read the news that Qlink is going to enlist their coin exclusively on Kucoin first and after few days it will be available on other exchange sites. All these things point towards KuCoin’s genuinity so you can definitely trade there safely but I would suggest to invest small amount only. Rest is up to you!

Coming to the point, KuCoin has unique invitation bonus plan which is a kind of referral program and you all know that referral campaigns are quite trending now a days. So let us see how it actually works!

What is KuCoin Invitation Program?

  1. This is a one way reward program. If A invites B then only A will get commission, B won’t get anything.
  2. So when you refer Kucoin to your friend, you keep on getting 20% of his/her trading fees.
  3. Since this is a 3 tier referral plan, you can earn really good amount of money just by inviting. How? let’s see…
  4. Suppose John has invited Martin, then Martin invited Hanna and Hanna invited Robin; in this case John will get 20% + 12% + 8% trading fees respectively.
  5. In short, you get 20% fees of the directly invited friends, 12%+ 8% fees of the indirectly invited friends. Still confused, check out the snap shown here:Kucoin Invite Code
  6. It is still unclear that for how many days we will keep on getting commision on trading fees of invited customers.

Kucoin claims to share 90% of their platform’s total trading fees to acquire new users. We don’t know if this claim is 100% true but may be it is possible because of 3 tier referral chain.

Need KuCoin Invitation Code? We Have One for You…

Were you looking for KuCoin invite code for getting bonus and exciting gifts? Yes! We have an exclusive promo code as well as special referral link for Kucoin.

You can enter code 1gsdQ at the time of signing up or simply use this link for registering a new account on Kucoin.

Where is my Invitation Code?

Follow these 3 simple steps to fetch your own kucoin invite coupon:

  1. Open KuCoin official website and login to your account.
  2. At the top, you will find ‘explore’ tab under which there will be ‘invitation bonus’ option.How to get Kucoin referral code?
  3. After opening that link, you will discover your referral code as well as invite link.

On the same page you will have details like ‘directly/indirectly invited friends’ and how much amount you got as a bonus from them etc.

Is KuCoin Referral Program Legit or Scam?

I have been referring my friends to KuCoin since last week and I did get some $$ as a commission. Here is the earning proof:

Kucoin Referral Earnings

I have no idea why the dashboard is showing “indirectly invited” friends zero because after inviting 162 friends we can expect at least 1 indirect referral.

Anyways, when your friend purchases any coin through KuCoin you get the 20% of trading fees (not the order amount) in corresponding wallet. As you can see below, some of my friends have bought KCS, BTC, XRB etc and I have received reward for each of them. You can then extract those commission so then they reflect in total assets.

kucoin refer code

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Hope you found this article useful & interesting. We are looking forward to add more referral programs in our database in coming days so keep a close eye on WishCouponCode!

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