HQ Trivia Referral Code 2019 : Free Extra Lives Game Show Code

Though the wishcouponcode has been exclusively made to share stuffs related to Wish app, this time we thought to post something off-topic but we bet you’re gonna find this post really interesting. Today we are going to talk about HQ trivia referral code for extra free lives and the things you didn’t know about this trending app.

‘HQ live trivia game show’ is an ios app which is going viral all over the internet and you will see it everywhere on reddit, twitter & facebook. Those who love to play challenging quizzes on their phone will never want to miss a chance to earn big rewards with this entertaining app. But there are hundreds of such apps on android & ios platforms, so what makes it different from these puzzle apps? Let’s see..

Unlike plenty of other quiz apps in market, HQ trivia gives real money for answering questions correctly. Yeah! you heard it right!! HQ live presents 1/2 quizzes every day at 9PM and the reward amount varies from $300 to $9000 and can go even higher than that! Are the questions too hard? Nope…even an average guy can answer it easily.

HQ trivia free life code

Here is Your HQ Trivia Referral Code for an Extra Lives

  1. Download HQ live trivia game show app on your iphone.
  2. Open app and signup for a new account.
  3. Enter referral code EasyLifefantatime or leeves at the time of registration.
  4. Congrats! You have successfully applied the game code.

Where Do I Enter Promo Code in HQ Trivia App?

As soon as you install app and open it, you are asked to enter the username. Below that, there will be ‘referral code’ field.

where to add hq trivia referral code

If you have forgotten to redeem referral code at the time of signup and wondering how to get 1 free life then here’s the solution.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap on 3 dots which are located right to your profile photo.hq referral
  3. Click on “Add referral code”
  4. Enjoy 1 free life!

How does Free Lives work?

  • You can earn unlimited free lives by referring friends to HQ trivia.
  • But you can utilize only 1 life in a single game.

How to Play the Game?

As said earlier, game will be held each day and you will have to answer all the questions without any mistake. One wrong answer and you are out! But don’t worry, hq trivia has ‘life’ system similar to Candy Crush Saga game so you get another chance as long as you have free lives in account.

hq trivia game refer code

What are the benefits of using HQ trivia app referral code?

The biggest advantage of using referral / invite code is that you get 1 free life. More lives means more chances you get for answering questions. This in-turn increases the chances of winning.

So how does this referral program works?

Simple. When you install HQ app, you get unique referral code. Share it with friends and ask them to use your code while signing up. When they do that, you get 1 extra life free (your friend doesn’t get any rewards).

How can I redeem my earnings?

Whatever money you make, will be credited to your paypal account. So if you don’t have paypal, please open a new one.

HQ live trivia for android

Unfortunately, hq trivia is currently available only on ios platform and that too for iphones. You won’t be able to install this in ipad. If you want to do so, simply add filter ‘iphone only’ in the itune store. As of now android users can’t enjoy this game but we might get some good news very soon. If you are too eager to play this game, just buy a new iphone! Lol..I’m just kidding.

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    SO savage wishcoupon!!! Don’t use the codes listed in the article. All you are doing is giving those people extra lives. Instead, use a code of a friend and give them a life and have them return the favor.

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