Today’s HQ Trivia Questions & Answers : Previous Quizzes for Practice

Previous HQ Trivia Questions & Answers (29 December 2017)

Total participants : 580k

No of winners : 18 (each one got $222.23)

Reward amount : $4000

  1. Which of these daily calorie intakes is considered healthy? 20 cal, 200000 cal, 2000 cal
  2. Who is NOT a member of the rock supergroup Crosby, Stills & Nash? Nash Grier, Stephen Stills, David Crosby
  3. Where is the human pineal gland? Brain, Foot, Neck
  4. The “mug” in mugshot means what? Face, Frown, Crime
  5. Which of these Nintendo systems was released last? Nintendo switch, New Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo 3DS
  6. Where is the largest desert in the world? Antarctica, Asia, Africa
  7. Which of these units is the heaviest? 1 Pound, 1 Stone, 1 KG
  8. Where would you hear someone yell “Oyez”? Rugby match, Supreme court, British Parliament
  9. Which of these is a nightshade vegetable? Kohlrabi, Bell pepper, Beet
  10. Which of these horror films was created by Wes Craven? Hellraiser, Scream 3, Halloween
  11. What company does NOT currently sponsor an MLB stadium? Guaranteed Rate, SunTrust, Wells Fargo
  12. Which word was added to Merriam-Webster dictionary most recently? Clickbait, WTF, Elderflower

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