Today’s HQ Trivia Questions & Answers : Previous Quizzes for Practice

Old HQ Trivia Questions & Answers (1 Jan 2019)

Total participants : 715k

No of winners : 17 (each one got $117.65)

Reward amount : $2000

  1. Marvel’s Spider Man got his powers after being bitten by what? Shark, Spider, Shetland Pony
  2. Which of these is NOT a position in baseball? Left fielder, right fielder, strawberry fielder
  3. The movement of blood throughout the body is known as the what? Nervous system, Digestive system, Circulatory system
  4. Poland Spring water was first discovered from which country? United States, Poland, Switzerland
  5. Which of these hip-hop acts performed as a duo? Salt-N-Pepa, The Fugees, Mobb Deep
  6. What ingredient can assist in turning a Hollandaise sauce into a Bearnaise sauce? Tarragon, Butter, Cream
  7. Which of these is an example of a cryptid? Sudoku Puzzle, Loch Ness monster, Catacombs of Paris
  8. In the first season of HBO’s “The Young Pope”, how young is the pope? 24 Years, 36 Years, 47 Years
  9. Which of these senators represents a state with no sales tax? San. Lisa Murkowski, Sen. Tom Cotton, Sen. Lindsey Graham
  10. Which of these insults is also an English dessert of pureed fruit? Fool, Chump, Loon
  11. Which of these websites was founded a division of Microsoft? Expedia, Hotmail, Skype
  12. Which of these album titles is NOT derived from a line in  a Shakespeare play? Sigh No More, All Things Must Pass, Sea Change

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