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HQ Trivia Question & Answer List 4 January 2019

(3 PM) Total participants : 585k

No of winners :  367 (each one got $5.45)

Reward amount : $2000

  1. Who is a fictional friendly ghost? Beavis, Snoopy, Casper
  2. Which of these is an American fashion lifestyle magazine? The Economist, The verge, Vogue
  3. How many countries make up South America? 18, 12, 24
  4. Who did not fight in boxing legendary “Thrilla in Manila”? Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier
  5. What is the correct spelling of this word? Hankerchief, Handkerchief,  Hankercheif
  6. Which poodle breed is the biggest? Standard, Moyen, Miniature
  7. Which bread dough is unleavened? Filo, Naan, Injera
  8. What made the original Teddy Ruxpin different from other stuffed animals of his time? Had a tape player, Follow voice commands, Backflip
  9. Which living organism has more teeth? Snail, Human Child, Snake
  10. Which film was NOT directed by Martin Scorsese? Hugo, Silence, The Young Victoria
  11. What song is heard at the annual Harvard Yale football game? The Red & Blue, Boola Boola, Old Nassau
  12. In which of these countries do motorist drive on the left side of the road?  France, Tahiti, India

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