Today’s HQ Trivia Questions & Answers : Previous Quizzes for Practice

HQ Trivia Practice Questions & Answers (15 Dec 2017)

Participants : 355k

Prize : $1500

Winners : 37 (Each one got $40.54)

  1. From which service did people in the 90’s hear “you’ve got mail!”? AOL, Netflix, Kiki’s Delivery service
  2. Veronica, Betty & Jughead are characters from which comic book franchise? East of west, Watchmen, Archie
  3. Crystals growing inside a hollow rock are known as? Geode, Moraine, Fizzgig
  4. “The natural” and “moneyball” are movies about which sport? Football, Basketball, Baseball
  5. Which sauce has pine nuts as an ingredient? Ponzu, Pesto, Tahini

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