Today’s HQ Trivia Questions & Answers : Previous Quizzes for Practice

Previous HQ Trivia Questions for Practice (16 Dec 2017)

Total participants : 194k

No of winners : 14

Reward amount : $107.14 per winner

  1. Which sports league does not have a team called the kings? NBA, NFL, NHL
  2. The hunger game stories take place in which fictional country? Pirn, Genovia, Panem
  3. Which of these animals does not sleep upside down? Sloth, spider monkey, manatee
  4. Which of these cities lies the furthest south? Minneapolis, Toronto, Portland
  5. Which major Google service launched in 2013? Hangouts, Google photos, Google reader
  6. Michelangelo’s fresco ‘the last judgement’ is permanently housed where? The Met, The sistine chapel, the louvre
  7. One tribe near Thailand has adapted which body part after generations of diving? Webbed fingers, shapeshifting eyeballs, hairless heads
  8. Who is the only actor to win a ‘best actor’ academy award posthumously? Peter finch, James Dean, Heath Ledger
  9. What brought Hungary’s Bosnian Crusade to an abrupt end in the 13th century? Pope Gregory IX died, Hungary was invaded, The plague
  10. The most viewed video in Youtube that is not a music video is in which language? Russian, English, Spanish

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