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HQ Trivia Questions & Answers List (19 Dec 2017)

Total participants : 400k

No of winners : 6 (each one got $250.00)

Reward amount : $1,500

  1. Which of these is NOT part of Disney’s Magic Kingdom? Cleveland, Adventureland, Fantasyland
  2. In blackjack, basic strategy states a player should always split aces and what? Eights, Tens, Fives
  3. Which of these articles of clothing is associated with grunge? Flannel shirt, Poodle skirt, Zoot suit
  4. What is ramekin? Mask, Fancy bib, Baking dish
  5. Which of these cities has not spawned a “NCIS” spin-off? Miami, Los Angeles, New Orleans
  6. Which of these actresses is a natural blonde? Anne Hathaway, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba
  7. Which of these high-end department stores has only one location? Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus
  8. What was decided in the supreme court case Obergefell Vs, Hodges? Affirmation action, Marijuana, Same sex marriage
  9. Which of these capital cities is closest to the equator? Nairobi, Jakarta, Bogota
  10. Which of these apple computer models debuted first? Apple 3, Apple 2C, Apple 2E
  11. The non-performer category in the Rock & Roll hall of fame is named for whom? Clive Davis, Ahmet Ertegun, Alan Freed
  12. The height difference between the current World’s tallest & shortest living men is roughly how much? 7 Feet 2 inches, 6 feet 5 inches, 6 feet 0 inches

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