Today’s HQ Trivia Questions & Answers : Previous Quizzes for Practice

Past HQ Trivia Questions & Answers (28 December 2017)

(9 PM) Total participants : 589k

No of winners : 442 (each one got $4.75)

Reward amount : $2000

  1. Which of these NFL teams is based in the Bay Area? Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys
  2. Which of these birds is usually domesticated? Toucan, Parrot, Vulture
  3. A Scotch whisky that is NOT a single malt is called what? Blended, Multi-malt, Irish Whiskey
  4. “A Tale of Two Cities” was set amidst which revolution? Spanish, French, American
  5. Which former SNL member wrote the screenplay for “Mean Girls”? Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig
  6. Which of these musical artists has NOT had a hit with the word “battlefield” in the title? Jordin Sparks, Blondie, Pat Benatar
  7. What is the literal translation of “Metropolis” from its roots in old Greek? Mother city, Central city, Urban center
  8. Which of these fashion stars has NOT been a judge on “America’s Next Top Model”? Law Roach, Twiggy, Kate Moss
  9. Which hat from the late 19th century is still worn internationally with school uniforms? Boater, Homburg, Pork Pie
  10. Which of these popular cosplayers has the most followers on Instagram? LeeAnna Vamp, Seviria Cosplay, Jessica Nigri
  11. Which of these presidents got his nickname from a battle in Indiana? John Tyler, William Henry Harrison, Andrew Jackson
  12. What controversial topic tore apart the friendship between Jimmy Stewart & Henry Fonda? McCarthyism, Civil Rights, Vietnam War

(3 PM) Total participants : 564k

No of winners : 76 (each one got $26.32)

Reward amount : $2000

  1. An athlete that rides a racehorse is called what? Jockey, Goalie, BoJack
  2. Which car logo features exactly two letters? Buick, Ford, Volkswagen 
  3. The guinea pig is native to which continent? North America, South America, Asia
  4. Which of these shows did NOT feature a former NFL star? Webster, Hunter, Taxi
  5. Actress Emma Watson studied at which university? Harvard, Brown, Cambridge
  6. What singer claimed that Daft Punk was playing at his house in 2005? James Murphy, Chris Martin, Jay-Z
  7. Which Sci-Fi film/TV creator has written X men comic books? Joss Whedon, Rian Johnson, J J Abrams
  8. Which of these snacks was found in Finland dating back to around 6000 B.C.? Potato chips, Chewing gum, Cheese sticks
  9. Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” was inspired by Win & Will Butler’s upbringing outside of what city? Dallas, Houston, Montreal
  10. What is used in fragrances to maintain their strong scent? Ph preservatives, Olfactory bracing, Fixatives
  11. Which of these cities was never a capital of persian empire? Nineveh, Baghdad, Pasargadae
  12. Which TV show was rebooted as a sequel but with new actors as the same characters? MacGyver, Battlestar Galactica, Dynasty

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