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Today's HQ Trivia Questions & Answers

Yes, of course and guess what you can win exciting prizes; I mean real cash for answering to those questions. Game consist of 12 questions and the difficulty goes on increasing as you move further. It is same as ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ show; just the difference is, HQ trivia works in real time and thousands of users can play it simultaneously. Obviously reward amount is not as big as million, but they do pay handsome bucks to all winners. Who would not love to grab those by investing just 5 minutes? Moreover, there are no entry fees and you can download the app for free from iOS store.

Anyways, I found lot of HQ fans searching for practice questions so they can understand what type of questions are being asked during gameplay. If done with right strategies, anyone can increase the chances of winning and we want you to score as high as possible. That’s why we are here to publish today’s HQ trivia questions & answers! On scrolling down this page, you will also find the previous game’s question and it might happen that HQ repeat few quizzes from last episodes. So read those questions too coz it is always better to have little more general knowledge.

HQ Trivia Questions & Answers Today (31st January 2019)

Total participants : 1.2 Million

No of winners :  175 (each one got $14.29)

Reward amount : $2500

  1. Which of these organs is found inside the skull? Heart, brain or pipe organ
  2. According to legend, Santa Claus enters houses via what architectural feature? Balustrade, Chimney, French doors
  3. What Shakespeare play doubles as the word for a small village? Othello, Hamlet, Macbeth
  4. The natural habitats of alligators and crocodiles overlap in which of these places? Nile river delta, Amazon river basin, The everglades
  5. In cooking, the term “julienned” refers to food that has been what? Ground into powder, Cut into stripes, Mashed into paste
  6. The voice actors of Batman & Robin in “The LEGO Batman Movie” co-starred on what TV Show? Breaking bad, Arrested Development, Bojack Horseman
  7. What U.S. state is allegedly named for a mythical island in a 16th Century romance novel? California, Florida, Hawaii
  8. It is believed the Olsen twins named their Elizabeth & James fashion line after their what? Siblings, Agents, Pets
  9. Which material did Thomas Edison NOT use as a filaments in his light bulbs? Bamboo, Lithium, Cotton thread
  10. Which actress has portrayed both Queen Elizabeth 1 & 2? Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith
  11. America’s first one-cent coin featured what 3 words phrase on the front? Mind your business, Make America Great, E Pluribus Unum
  12. Copernicus allegedly stated that his life’s biggest regret was that he never did what? Befriended his priest, Measured the Sun, Saw the planet Mercury


1) Brain

2) Chimney

3) Hamlet

4) The everglades

5) Cut into stripes

6) Arrested Development

7) California

8) Siblings

9) Lithium

10) Helen Mirren

11) Mind your business

12) Saw the planet Mercury

HQ Trivia Questions & Answers Yesterday (30th January 2019)

Total participants : 1.3 Million

No of winners :  1278 (each one got $1.96)

Reward amount : $2500

  1. Which of these is a U.S. postage stamp? Terence stamp, Forever stamp, Rubber stamp
  2. Most humans have how many kidneys? 2, 0 or 10
  3. Which of these instruments is considered a woodwind? Clarinet, Trumpet, Violin
  4. What’s another name for a garbanzo bean? Lima bean, Chickpea , Black-eyed pea
  5. What Ivy League school is located in a city with the same name? Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton
  6. The government vehicle called marine one is usually what kind of machine? Limousine, Helicopter, Battleship
  7. What was the first registered trademark for a breakfast cereal? Quaker Oats, Kellogg’s corn flakes, Wheaties
  8. When it comes to clothing design, what is a frog? Braided fastener, Crystal applique, Cap sleeve
  9. The mouse that came with the original 1998 iMac was criticized for being what? Wireless, Large, Round
  10. Which of the following is not the name of a RuPaul song? Jealous of my boogie, Snapshot, Werk
  11. Which of these universities is named after a former owner of the Staten Island Ferry ? Carnegie Mellon, Stetson, Vanderbilt
  12. What did the first ever state of the Union “Hero in the balcony” do to earn his invitation? Build a hospital, Serve as POW, Rescue a drowning woman


1) Forever stamp

2) 2

3) Clarinet

4) Chickpea

5) Princeton

6) Helicopter

7) Quaker Oats

8) Braided fastener

9) Round

10) Werk

11) Vanderbilt

12) Rescue a drowning woman

HQ Trivia Questions & Answers (29th January 2019)

Total participants : 1.3 Million

No of winners :  1509 (each one got $1.66)

Reward amount : $2500

  1. Where are you most likely to find a unibrow? In the fridge, On a face, Over the rainbow
  2. What are you usually doing if you are taking a SoulCycle class? Chessboxing, Skydiving, Indoor cycling
  3. Where in the body is the femoral shaft? Leg, Brain, Arm
  4. Big Bird’s teddy bear, radar, is a reference to what TV show? American Idol, M*A*S*H,  full house
  5. What are the names of the marble lions at the main branch of the New York Public library? Patience and Honor, Patience and Prudence, Patience and Fortitude
  6. Which of these is NOT the name of a town or city in Indiana? Kokomo, Santa Claus, Goomba
  7. The weather phenomenon known as a “black blizzard” is essentially what? Dust mixed with wind, Nighttime hail storms, Mud mixed with snow
  8. When a hair color seamlessly blends from lighter to darker, it’s called what? Biolightsm Keratin, Ombre
  9. Which film’s theme song most prominently features the tuba? Jaws, The Godfather, Chariots of Fire
  10. Which of these women has never been an official co-host on “The View”? Meredith Vieira, Michelle Collins, Julie Chen
  11. Which of these twitter features was first introduced to all users? Photo tagging, Pinning tweets, Multing users
  12. In which film was the actor playing the mother Younger than the actor playing her adult son? The Fighter, Alexander, Riding in cars with boys


1) On a face

2) Indoor cycling

3) Leg

4) M*A*S*H

5) Patience and Fortitude

6) Goomba

7) Dust mixed with wind

8) Ombre

9) Jaws

10) Julie Chen

11) Photo tagging

12) Riding in cars with boys

HQ Trivia Questions & Answers (28th January 2019)

Total participants : 1.6 Million

No of winners :  115 (each one got $130.43)

Reward amount : $15000

  1. What sound does a cow make? Moo, Woof woof, Boom Shakalaka
  2. In “The Wizard of Oz”, what did the Wicked Witch of the West want from Dorothy? A loan, Ruby Slippers, Respect
  3. Which of these was NOT a move in the original Bop It game? Pull it, Fold it, Twist it
  4. In which sport can two players each earn and assist when their teammate scores? Hockey, Football,  Soccer
  5. With what body part is renal health concerned? Lung, Liver, Kidney
  6. Which of these dishes would President George HW Bush explicitly avoid eating? Steak tartare, Clam chowder, Broccoli salad
  7. Which of these software products has Meghan Trainor sung about? Adobe photoshop, Gmail, Final draft
  8. Which of these is a standard cheerleading jump? Herkie, Flap, Striker
  9. What was the original name of the Sidekick mobile phone? Phierce phone, Danger hiptop, Call Blaster
  10. Which of these breath fresheners hit the market first? Tic tacs, Certs, Clorets
  11. Which of these is not an Essie nail polish name? Where’s my Chauffeur?,  Fun in the Gondola, Drive me crazy
  12. What was the first full circuit strata roller coaster ever built? Kingda ka, Top Thrill Dragster, Raging Bull
  13. The first American multimillionaire made his fortune in what industry? Railroads, Fur trading, Oil
  14. Which of these fashion designers has NOT collaborated with H&M? Viktor & Rolf, Sonia Rykiel, Celine
  15. What cookbook was written by a former nuclear energy budget advisor? Barefoot in Paris, The way to cook,  Ad-hoc at home


1) Moo

2) Ruby Slippers

3) Fold it

4) Hockey

5) Kidney

6) Broccoli salad

7) Adobe photoshop

8) Herkie

9) Danger hiptop

10) Clorets

11) Drive me crazy

12) Top Thrill Dragster

13) Fur trading

14) Celine

15) Barefoot in Paris

Past HQ Trivia Questions & Answers (27th January 2019)

Total participants : 1 Million

No of winners :  60 (each one got $41.67)

Reward amount : $2500

  1. Electricity typically travels at about same speed as what? Turtles, Bowling balls, Light
  2. Which of these supplies is used to build a house? Roof shingles, Slinky, Spaghetti
  3. Trigonometry is primarily concerned with what? Cooking, Eyesight, Triangles
  4. Which of these is an example of a monotreme? Elephant, Platypus, Wholphin
  5. Which of the following is the name of a real pseudocereal?  Pitseed Goosefoot, Booty Rebels, Colonel Chomp
  6. Ben Affleck does NOT have an Oscar in which of these categories? Best Director, Best Picture, Best original screenplay
  7. What percentage of months end with the letter “R”? 20%, 33%, 66%
  8. Which of these NFL quarterbacks was never drafted by an MLB team? Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Jameis Winston
  9. Which of these computer games came out first? Return on Ringworld, Riverworld, RimWorld
  10. What president appointed the first African-American cabinet member? Lyndon B Johnson, Gerald Ford, Dwight D Eisenhower
  11. Prince Albert, husband to Queen Victoria, was born in what modern-day country? Austria, Germany, Netherlands
  12. In the full-length version of Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”, which  character is NOT mentioned? Superman, Dracula, Barney Rubble


1) Light

2) Roof shingles

3) Triangles

4) Platypus

5) Pitseed Goosefoot

6) Best Director

7) 33%

8) Joe Montana

9) Return on Ringworld

10) Lyndon B Johnson

11) Germany

12) Barney Rubble

HQ Trivia Questions & Answers Today (23rd January 2019)

Total participants : 1.1 Million

No of winners :  291 (each one got $8.59)

Reward amount : $2500

Answers are given at the end of 12th question.

  1. What are the names of the Rice Krispies mascots? Hall and Oates, Pinky and the Brain, Snap Crackle and Pop
  2. What is Charlotte in “Charlotte’s Web”? Spider, Dodo bird, Wholphin
  3. If someone is described as being “all thumbs,” that means he/she is what? Easygoing, Clumsy, Schwifty
  4. What does the U.S. Marine corps motto mean in English? Final strength, Always faithful, Never surrender
  5. Which of these songs has NOT been incorporated into a Swiffer commercial? Gangnam style, Who’s That Lady, Whip it
  6. Which of these individual all-round olympic gold medalist is the tallest? Mary-Lou Retton, Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles
  7. Glenn Close had a cameo as a male pirate in what movie? Muppet Treasure Island, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hook
  8. Which of these presidents was born east of the Mississippi? Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Harry S Truman
  9. Which of these states does NOT have a Trader Joe’s? Hawaii, Texas, Massachusetts
  10. Which TV show’s lead actor is the grandchild of a legendary Canadian politician? 24, Justified, 30 Rock
  11. Which of these things comes with a new bottle of Dom Perignon? Coquillage, Muselet, Brindille
  12. Beanie Babies were launched in the same year as what film? Jurassic Park, Air Bud, Toy Story


1) Snap Crackle and Pop

2) Spider

3) Clumsy

4) Always faithful

5) Gangnam style

6) Gabby Douglas

7) Hook

8) Ronald Reagan

9) Hawaii

10) 24

11) Muselet

12) Jurassic Park

HQ Trivia Questions & Answers (21st January 2019)

Total participants : 1.6 Million

No of winners :  7 (each one got $2142.86)

Reward amount : $15000

  1. How many halves are played in a standard college basketball game? Two, One, Four
  2. In the musical “Peter Pan,” the audience is asked to revive Tinker Bell by doing what? Clapping, Snapchatting, Beatboxing
  3. Which of these words is NOT in the pledge of Allegiance? Freedom, Justice, Republic
  4. By definition, an Anglophile would be most interested in which of these things? Geometry, Downton Abbey, Trout fishing
  5. In which of these movies is the title NOT spoken by any character? Inception, Gravity, Speed
  6. The first person to lead an expedition to the South Pole came from what country? Norway, Iceland, Canada
  7. Which of these substances is both artificially made and found in nature? Teflon, Nylon, Latex
  8. The actor who played Don Draper provides the voice for what car company’s ads? Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar
  9. Which former NFL star does NOT have a football video game named after him? Emmitt Smith, Brett Favre, Kurt Warner
  10. Laurie Metcalf, Amy Morton and Tracy Letts are members of a theatre company from what city? New York, Los Angeles, Chicago
  11. Which of these is NOT a name of one of the Florida Keys? Fat Deer Key, Turtle Key, Pigeon Key
  12. The material that forms images in an Etch A Sketch is also the main component in which item? Zinc supplement tablets, US nickels, Soda Cans
  13. Which of these celebrities has NOT been a ProActiv spokesperson? Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez
  14. Which of these restaurant brands has its original location in Europe? Benihana, PF Chang’s, Mr. Chow

HQ Trivia Q&A (15th January 2019)

Total participants : 725K

No of winners :  19 (each one got $105.26)

Reward amount : $2000

  1. According to nursery rhyme you “row, row, row” you what? Boat, Goat, Tote
  2. Which Lee is famous for being martial artist and Kung Fu film star? Stan Lee, Spike Lee, Bruce Lee
  3. Which of these animals is unable to sneeze? Pig, Lizard, Earthworm
  4. Which of these is NOT a type of shoe? Espadrille, Winklepicker, Pedal pusher
  5. Last year, Takumar Sato became the first Asian to win what prestigious event? Indianapolis 500, Kentucky Derby, Wimbledon
  6. What Nobel peace prize milestone did Dr. King achieve when he won the award in 1964? First clergyman, Youngest, First African-American
  7. What company brought us the fleeting aromas of scratch and sniff technology? Odorono, Hallmark, 3M
  8. Which of these Zodiac symbol is NOT a water sign? Aquarius, Scorpio, Pisces
  9. Which of these dollars currently worth the most? U.S, Canadian, Australian
  10. Who was the last U.S. president born in a log cabin? Rutherford B. Hayes, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield
  11. What was the genre of the first book ever sold by Romance novel, Computer programming, Thesaurus
  12. What song did Martin Luther King Jr. quote in his iconic 1963 Washington speech? My country, ‘Tis of thee’, America the beautiful, This land is your land

HQ Questions & Answers List (11 Jan 2019)

Total participants : 864K

No of winners :  61 (each one got $32.79)

Reward amount : $2000

  1. The ’70s sitcom “Three’s Company” was about 3 people who were what? Roommates, Trivia show hosts, Panda bears
  2. What gargantuan fruit is the subject of a Roald Dahl children’s book? Dragon Fruit, Loquat, Peach
  3. Which of these countries is closest to the international date line? Japan, Brazil, Spain
  4. Aside from blood cells, what would you also find inside your blood vessels? Plasma, Marrow, Plastids
  5. What word describes joining a cause just to feel good about it? Joinerism, Gung-faux, Slacktivism
  6. Which game is an example of combinatorics? Risk, Crossword puzzles, SuDoKu
  7. What book that heavily influenced “The Matrix” makes a cameo in the movie? Neuromancer, Simulacra & Simulation, Gravity’s Rainbow
  8. The 90’s band The Lightning Seeds took their name from which song? Raspberry Beret, Purple Rain, When Doves Cry
  9. Which of these sharks is NOT a Lamniform? Goblin shark, Great white shark, Hammerhead shark
  10. Pixies, Bon Iver, Iron & Wine and Bauhaus were all once signed to which record label? Sub Pop, 4AD, Geffen
  11. Which famous artist suffered many health problems leading to a condition named after him? Miro, Pollock, Toulouse Lautrec
  12. In which town were a president, governor, senator, NFL owner and late night host all born? Brookline MA, Hope AR, Muncie IN

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