How Does Wish App Work? Is it Legit or Scam? All You Need to Know or simply Wish-shopping made fun is breaking all barriers of cheapness and luring customers with their amazing deals. Action speaks louder than words and wish conveys it all. Though the market is full with old & trusted sites like Amazon, Target, Kohls etc, Wish has emerged dramatically in past 4 years and it has overtaken many other popular shopping sites. Now you must be wondering why do people buy stuffs from wish app when they can get almost anything on Amazon or some similar sites that are trustworthy. In this post, we are going to discuss each and everything in detail so keep reading…

How does wish work?

On wish app, you will find that items are priced really cheap; some of them are even available for free (you have to pay shipping charges though). So how does wish manages to provide stuffs at 50-60% discount? Is it legal? Is wish app scam? I had exactly same questions in my mind when I first encountered wish. Then I started searching different forums, youtube, Quora and finally understood the working model of Wish shopping app.

Here’s How Wish App Actually Works…

Wish is just a joining bridge between Chinese sellers & customers like us. On the other hand Amazon, Walmart either have their own warehouses or the sellers belong to the country where they are doing business. This is why wish takes minimum 15 days for order delivery and in contrast to that Amazon ships the order within 2-4 days.

Chinese products are often very cheap (Oops…I mean price!). Manufacturing cost is comparatively low in China than other developed countries. Many companies assemble their products in China to save tax money. I don’t know if you have came across AliExpress or not but this site is more or same as Wish. As per my observation, Wish & AliExpress share most things in common except app interface, marketing strategy and customer reach.

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Wish Workflow

  1. When you order something from or wish app, you are informed that shipment will take 10-15 days for arrival.
  2. Once you confirm the order the corresponding chinese dealer gets the order details.
  3. The agency then packs your stuff and dispatch it through courier.
  4. Product may be shipped to your country through cargo ships or aeroplane.
  5. After that it takes another few days for parcel to finally reach your home.

This is how Wish Makes Money!

Here comes an interesting part…

As already discussed, Wish is just a middle man between you and the supplier. If you see closely, the same product on wish app is available for cheap on AliExpress and DhGate. If Wish is selling a mobile cover for $5 then there are high chances that same thing is being sold on Ali for $2-$3. That means Wish is earning approx $2 per order (in our case).

But real game begins here!

Wish charges $4-$5 as a shipping cost per order and this is the integral part or strategy of their earning. Only you feel that Wow! This mobile cover is so cheap, it costs just 5 bucks but in actual, you end up burning $10 at the time of checkout. So can you call it as a scam? No..I don’t think so. You can better call it as a clever marketing strategy.

Is Wish Legit or Scam?

I found many queries on Google like – is wish app genuine?, is wish real or fake? is it safe to buy stuffs from wish website? and the list goes on. So to answer your all questions, I will write just 5 words.

Yes, It’s safe & genuine.

Actually, it depends on you to whether to call it as legit or scam. Many times you receive the product which doesn’t look like what you saw in picture at the time of buying. This might be the supplier’s fault but it doesn’t make wish a scam app. Many shoppers complain about delivery time but wish always inform you before making order that product will be shipped in 3-5 weeks so again you can’t blame them! But yeah, sometimes it does take forever to ship the item and few customers have already written about this on review websites.

Seems like we covered everything you wanted to know..hope so! Feel free to browse wishcouponcode and its other articles to get latest wish promo codes & relevant information. We would appreciate your comments and feedback so don’t hesitate to use the form given below for any doubts and enquiries.

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