How Does HQ Trivia Make Money? Top 5 Ways Explained

Let me start the topic by quickly introducing HQ trivia pp, later on we will see how does this app make money. HQ live trivia is indeed a great concept which is changing the way you play quizzes online. Being exclusively available on iOS platform (iphone only) this game showcases live host which asks you questions in real time and you merely get 5 seconds to think and answer that question correctly. Even 1 wrong answer can make you out of this game so you have to have good general knowledge to earn real money through HQ trivia app.

how hq trivia makes money?

After 12 questions, whatever contestants remain in game are rewarded with $$$. Winning prizes vary daily and they declare the amount before starting the game. Suppose rewards worth $1000 are to be given and total 10 users last till final round; then each one gets $100 ($1000/$10). Means, money is divided equally after the game.

Now let us talk about our actual matter…

How does HQ Trivia App Make Money?

Right now HQ Trivia is not making any money. Why? Because it’s still in beta phase. They are growing and their primary focus is acquiring as much people as they can to play their game. After getting roughly million active users, they will start getting investors and they’ll be able to raise quite a good amount of funds.

Here are the possible ways in which HQ trivia app can make money in future.

#1. HQ Trivia Pro

Developers might launch pro version of this game which will be available to buy for few dollars. Pro version will have added features, no ads, customization options etc.

#.2 Displaying Advertisements

Ads are the great ways of monetizing content. You might have seen textual/image ads on websites and video ads on YouTube. HQ can add ads between every question and make money through it.

#3. Selling Extra Lives

When you answer a question wrong, you get disqualify from the game instantly. But when you have a lives remaining in your account, you get another chance to participate in game. We have written a post here that describes how one can easily get free lives just by referring friends, so do take 5 minutes to read that post. Okay, so HQ trivia app can sell lives for $$ and earn handsome cash easily. You would have seen similar model in other games like Candy Crush, Subway surf etc.

#4. By Sponsoring Brands

Companies like Samsung, OnePlus can contact HQ trivia to feature their quizzes (like what is the RAM of recently launched OnePlus 5T etc). Possibilities are countless!

So these were the possible ways HQ trivia app could make money from their amazing creativity. Have me missed any point? Then why don’t you put those in comment section?

#5. Selling Email List

Do you often receive unwanted sms’s on your phone or unwanted emails on your id? If yes, then you must have entered your email id while registering on some websites. So the thing is HQ trivia has millions of email ids & phone numbers in their database so they can sell this list to 3rd party owners for good $$$. Please note, I’m saying they CAN sell and I don’t have any proof that these guys are actually doing it or not. But yeah, this is another way HQ can make the money.

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  1. Daganjackson says:

    Great page I was wondering about the way they make money.

  2. Vish says:

    Hi Admin,

    The monetization ideas look great.
    But #3. Selling Extra Lives won’t be possible because Apple does not allow it.
    As per Apple guidelines –
    “5.3.3 Apps may not use in-app purchase to purchase credit or currency for use in conjunction with real money gaming of any kind, and may not enable people to purchase lottery or raffle tickets or initiate fund transfers in the app.”

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