How to Clear Search History & Recently Viewed Items on Wish App?

Many people who are using wish app are facing issues while deleting their search history. Very few folks out there know that wish’s android app uses cookies to analyze your search pattern. By doing this, they can serve better and more relevant items to you. But not everyone is a fan of this algorithm and if you are one of them, then you are gonna thank me after reading this post.

delete wish app history

How to Clear Search History on Wish App?

I tried every method to delete search history and recently viewed items on wish but not a single one worked out.

  1. Explored settings menu but there is no such option to clear data.
  2. Even deleted an account and reopened but nothing happened.
  3. Cleared app data from android’s settings but…wish didn’t delete anything!

So What’s The Solution?

The only way to get rid of recently viewed items and search history is to create a new account. But now I’m going to tell you a trick to create an account within a minute!

  1. Open on your desktop browser.
  2. In new tab, open website.
  3. Copy the temporary email address displayed on screen and use it on for account creation.
  4. Verify your email and you’re done!

Do you know any other solution? Do let us know by commenting below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes there Is a way without making a new account so if you have let’s just say 15 item on your recently viewed list and you want to delete those items so you would go and view other 15 items and it will wash out the old 15 items.

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