Best Glucometer in India 2017 : Top 3 Brands Reviewed

In this modern world of technology, medical science is growing day by day. Diabetes being a major issue in today’s world, we will talk about a medical device that is used to measure the amount of glucose in the blood known as Glucometer.

top glucometer in India

There are many types of Glucometers, like

1. Glucometers of Hospitals: These Glucometers have a size of somewhat a remote control and powered by small batteries. These are used to measure the exact glucose levels in the hospitals.

2. Noninvasive Glucometers: It was a product that used to measure the glucose levels by electrically pulling in from the skin. Although it was removed from the market in short period as it damaged the skin of various patients.

3. Continuous Glucometers: These types of Glucometers consist of a disposable sensor which is inserted inside your skin. As the sensor and the reader in the machine are connected, it provides the glucose level directly to the machine. The sensor can be used for a couple of days and then you need to change it.

Importance of Glucometer:

• Glucometer is a life-saving tool for the diabetic patients.

• It is small, portable and checks the sugar and glucose levels to determine which food to consume and what medicines to take to keep the sugar levels in control.

• If you face any illness or come under stress, you can have an idea of how all these factors affect your Glucose level.

• You can get an idea of your glucose levels at home and decide when to visit your doctor.

Top 3 Best Glucometers in India 2017 & Reviews

OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer with 70 Free Test Strips - (Combo Pack)

Rs. 2,880
Rs. 1,950
1 new from Rs. 1,950
Free shipping
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as of June 13, 2018 9:38 pm


  • Strips: 2 vials of 10's in a box, 1 vial of 50's strips in a box (3 vials total) and each strip intended for single one time use
  • Free vial of 10 strips and additional 60 strips

OneTouch Glucometer is a simple device with no issues of coding, no problems of setup and also do not contain any buttons on it. You just have to follow three simple steps to identify your glucose level, firstly insert the glucose strip into the device, apply some blood to that strip and lastly get the results instantly on the device, Easy Right? It gives you an audio alert which is quite a good feature of this device. You get an alert in just 5 seconds after checking your glucose level; it indicates whether your glucose levels are high or low. It is determined by the High to Low color indicator in the device which shows you an arrow just above the color and also alerts you with a beep sound according to the glucose levels. Overall it is very easy to use and gives an approximate result and an overall idea about your glucose levels.

Accu Chek Active Strips, 100 (50x2) (Multicolor)

Rs. 1,387
5 new from Rs. 1,387
Free shipping
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as of June 13, 2018 9:38 pm


  • Accurate number
  • Easy handling
  • Clever functionality
  • Build in safety features

Accu-Chek Active Strips are the strips used for checking glucose levels in the blood. These strips are usually used with Accu-Check Active Meter. These strips are usually used at home for testing glucose levels and it becomes quite easy and comfortable to use them. They show the exact results in around 5 seconds of time and the result provided by the machine is quite accurate. The only thing to do is, insert the strip into the meter, apply some blood to that strip when the meter indicates, it will then take some time to analyze the blood and within around 5 seconds you will get the results through which you can get an idea of the amount of glucose in your body. It gives you the freedom to check your glucose level anywhere in the entire world with some easy steps and get results instantly. It is also user friendly and shows accurate results.

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer, 25 Strips (Multicolor)

Rs. 1,590
Rs. 637
3 new from Rs. 637
Free shipping
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as of June 13, 2018 9:38 pm


  • Only 0.5µL blood required
  • Accurate and ergonomic model
  • Beeper alert
  • Kit Includes: Dr.Morepen Gluco One BG-03 Gluco Meter, Lancing Device, 10 Lancets, Battery, Plastic Case

It is a Glucometer that provides very accurate glucose content in your body. It comes with a whole kit which includes a Glucometer device, Lancing Device and also Batteries all in a small Plastic case. In this device you need a blood sample of 0.5 microliter and you get the reading in just 5 seconds. You do not need to do any coding to set up this device and is very user-friendly and easy to use. By using this Glucometer use can keep track of your glucose levels on a daily basis and consult a doctor immediately whenever needed. This device is quite reliable and provides you totally accurate and very fast results which can lead you to an overview of your glucose levels.

What all things should we keep in mind while Purchasing Glucometer?

• Which Glucometer is best for you? If we talk about the best, there is nothing such. It’s preferable that you consult a Doctor and go according to their suggestions, as a well experienced person can provide you with the best product possible.

• What will be the cost of the Glucometer? Glucometer are sometimes more pricey than expected. Some Glucometer don’t even provide the strips which we have to purchase separately, this increases the price of it to a huge amount. If you have an insurance, then firstly have a look on the plan as some company set up a limit to pay per year.

• What does an Insurance cover? It is very important to have a proper knowledge about what all things are approved by the insurance company. Most of the companies have selected range of meters and you have to choose from them to claim the insurance and also have a look whether the company claims an insurance of the cost of the additional testing strips and supplies or not.

• How to use this meter? The steps vary from product to product. Usually it is totally explained on the box and very easy to use.

• Device stores the reading or not? Having a record of your readings is quite important for a long term care. Some devices create some readings that you can get on later and also some devices also get sync with the computer and you can download the files form there.


We have gone through a number of Glucometers and their use. It is always good to have a Glucometer at home if you are diabetic. Keep track of your blood glucose levels. As these are precautionary measures, don’t forget to be in touch with your doctor for better treatment and to stay healthy.

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